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of the​ papacy

[Rev. 13:3]

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Mid-Week Prayer Service


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​[GENESIS 6:11]

​​​greetings from ​The evangelist

the message

Rebuke, reprove, exhort with all long suffering.

"Follow me" - Jesus Christ

To assist in rightly training and mightily furnishing the members of God's remnant church in proclaiming a crucified, risen and soon-coming Savior.

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Will be rapid ones...

There is a crisis coming on the Earth. Thinking men everywhere recognize it. But few understand its exact nature. Laws are being made that will bring on this crisis, and life in our blessed country will never be the same.

Earth has reached her last hours. It is clear that we now live in a world in rebellion. Lawlessness is in the very air we breathe. The pollution of the earth and water and skies; the pollution of men's minds, the low level of their thoughts and entertainments. Our children appear to be born and schooled in vice and fraud. We are rapidly nearing the end. 

Only those who are determined to live Godly lives in obedience to the Ten Commandments by the empowering grace of Christ, shall endure the terrible crisis that is just ahead. As we await the crisis, let us not forget that it is CHRIST for the CRISIS!

 The mission



of lot 

[Luke 17:29-30]

Lesson 3 - 9/8/2018 @11am