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my pilgrimage

I have always had a love for spiritual things. It would seem that I was destined to work for the Lord, though unbeknown to me for the greater portion of my years.

My call to the ministry was confirmed while I was playing for Florida International University and while pursuing a professional soccer career in Veragio, Italy. Upon returning to the United States, the Lord spoke to me and informed me that I would no longer be engaging in the profession of scoring goals, but instead in the humble work of baptizing souls. I therefore relinquished all hopes of becoming a professional soccer player and pursued my Theological studies at Oakwood University. I have never regretted this decision. My only regret is that it took me so long to completely surrender to the will of God.

Myself and my wife, Nathalia, and our three children- Elizabeth, Alexandria, and Nathan- currently live in South Florida. I currently serve as the Evangelist at the Wellington SDA Church, in Greenacres, Florida. (

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MARANATHA….the Lord is Coming!